Advantages of technological wood veneer

Technology wood veneer is a new type of wood material with superior performance made by high-tech processing, recombination and beautification of ordinary wood. A thin sheet made of technological wood is called technological wood veneer. With the implementation of national logging ban measures and Ancient woodland protection policies, the number of valuable tree species available is decreasing, making scientific and technological veneer products a substitute for decorative materials of precious tree species.


The characteristics of technological wood veneer are rich in color and diverse in variety. Through computer design, technological wood veneer products can produce different colors and textures, with a brighter color, stronger three-dimensional texture, and dynamic and dynamic patterns. High utilization rate of finished products: Technological thin wood overcomes the natural defects of natural thin wood, and the product has no natural defects such as wormholes, knots, and color changes. Due to the regularity and consistency of its texture, technological thin wood products do not produce natural thin wood products. Due to different logs and batches, the texture and color of thin wood products are different. Decorative wood veneer can be directly applied to blockboard, particleboard, medium density fiberboard, and hard fiberboard to form decorative boards without the need for panel covering.

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Post time: Aug-18-2023
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