What are the differences between particle board and density board?


We are always faced with choices of one kind or another during the entire decoration process. At present, there are many types of panels for panel furniture on the market, most of which are density boards and particleboards. What is the difference between these two types of boards?

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1. Different uses

First, let’s take a look at the uses of the two. Particleboard is mainly used for thermal insulation, sound absorption or ceilings, as well as making some ordinary furniture. Of course, it is also gradually being used in cabinets. The density board is different. It is mainly used for laminate flooring, door panels, partitions, furniture, etc. In many home decorations, this kind of board is used as a surface treatment for the oil-mixing process, so in terms of use, it is The difference between the two boards is quite big.

2. Environmental protection level

From the perspective of environmental protection level, the particleboards on the market today are much higher than density boards, and most of the density boards are E2 level, with less E1 level, and they are mostly used for door panels or styling.

3. Different functions

Generally speaking, high-quality particleboard has good waterproofing and expansion rates, so it is very commonly used. However, the density board is different. Its expansion rate is relatively poor and its nail-holding power is not strong, so it is generally not used for large wardrobes and cabinets. cupboard.

4. Moisture-proof index

Let’s look at the density board first. The density board is formed from wood powder after being pressed, and has a relatively good surface flatness. But from the perspective of moisture-proof index, particle board is still better than density board.

5. Different maintenance

In terms of maintenance, when placing particle board furniture, the ground must be kept flat and the four legs must be balanced on the ground. Otherwise, unstable placement may easily cause the tenons or fasteners to fall off and the pasted parts to crack, affecting their service life. The density board is different. Because of its poor waterproofing, the windows should be closed during the rainy season to prevent the rain from soaking the density board. At the same time, attention should be paid to indoor ventilation.

6. Different structures

Particle board has a multi-layer structure. The surface is similar to a density board and has a better density. The interior retains the lamellar wood chips with a fiber structure. The lamellar structure is maintained using a specific process, which is very close to the structure of natural solid wood panels. Therefore, there are still obvious differences in structure.

Generally speaking, density boards and particleboards are boards made using wood fibers or scraps of other wood material fibers as the main materials. They are widely used in modern homes and are relatively good. s Choice.

Post time: Nov-01-2023
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