Why are polyester fiber Acoustic panels so popular?

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels have a simple sound-absorbing structure, save time in material calculation, and can reduce the project cost of sound-absorbing decoration design. It is easy to produce and process, can save financial and material resources during installation, and is easy to cut. Polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels have a long service life and are reliable in use.

Interior Design Acoustic Panel (68)
Interior Design Acoustic Panel (45)

They are non-toxic materials and will not produce and evaporate harmful substances. In all aspects above comprehensive standards, polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels have many properties, excellent performance, and high-cost performance, making them an indispensable sound-absorbing material choice in the market.

Product advantages and main uses of polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels: Polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels are made of 100% polyester fiber as raw material. The heat treatment process is used to achieve various densities to ensure ventilation and become a sound-absorbing material. It has strong decorative arts, and simple construction, and can be converted into various shapes through carpentry machines.

The colors and patterns are rich and can be used directly as decorative surface materials. It can also be used for various coatings according to different needs. It can replace the traditional hard-packing process of multi-layer boards with sponge or fiberglass.

Polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels also have some main features: they have strong sound absorption, heat insulation, flame retardancy, mildew removal and waterproofing, light weight, durability, etc., and have a variety of colors, and the decorative design effect is extremely good. good.

Easy to clean, easy to remove dust, and easy to maintain. Dust and residue can be removed with a vacuum cleaner and a wax brush. You can also use a pure cotton towel with water and detergent to scrub dirty areas.

Post time: Oct-18-2023
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