Wood veneer grade standard division

Standard veneer grades:

Logs per log are graded according to specific product categories:


door panel


Interior Design Acoustic Panel (158)
Interior Design Acoustic Panel (139)

Within each product category, we have the following grades:

MB/advanced building materials

Grade A

Grade AB

Class B

Grade C

Grade of MB/high-grade building materials: This quality of veneer is the highest grade, the color and texture are good and consistent, with some natural flaws, and the quality is relatively stable. This grade is usually used in halls, conference rooms, and administrative floors.


Grade A: This veneer grade contains a small amount of natural veneer, consistent grain, good size, and consistent quality.

Grade B: This veneer grade allows some typical natural imperfections, such as vinyl grains, knots, water ripples, sugar spots, etc.

Grade C: This grade is used as the back panel of veneer or furniture, the inner layer of kitchen cabinets.

Many special grades are assessed according to the special requirements of customers or projects.


Classification by cut:

Within each specific product category and grade, we sometimes grade according to the veneer cut. In traditional veneer processing, the flat cut produces gable, half gable and straight grain. In most cases the veneer is Sold by the whole wood, you will get the veneer processed from the whole wood. In some varieties, we will separate the mountain grain and straight grain according to the specific requirements of customers and projects.

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